Rep. Fred Crespo to serve as assistant majority leader


Democratic state Rep. Fred Crespo will serve as assistant majority leader of the House of Representatives, officials announced Friday. "I look forward to continue advocating on behalf of the communities in the Northwest Suburbs in my new post," Crespo said. "There's a lot of work to be done to move our state forward and it must be done in a bipartisan way." Crespo represents the 44th House District, which includes portions of Hoffman Estates, Streamwood, Schaumburg, Hanover Park, Bartlett and Elgin.


Standing Room Only At The Annual Meet The Candidates Breakfast

Fantastic turn out for the Annual Meet the Candidates Breakfast held by the Schaumburg Area Democratic Organization. The event was held at Chandler’s Chop House in Schaumburg and it was standing room only.  Committeeman, Michael C. Cudzik made it happen. We are grateful for his tireless efforts to grow the Democratic Party in the Northwest suburbs and if this crowd was any indication, he has been immensely successful.     

A special thanks to our keynote speaker, JB Pritzker and to the Illinois treasure, Secretary of State, Jesse White for his inspirational message. We heard from Susana Mendoza, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Michael Frerichs, Fritz Kaegi, Kevin B. Morrison, Representatives Fred Crespo and Michelle Mussman, Senators Cristina Castro and Laura Murphy, the Water Reclamation candidates, Debra Shore, Cameron ‘Cam’ Davis, Kimberly Neely Dubuclet and the highly recommended judicial candidate, Ketki ‘Kay’ Steffen. Each speaker provided insight into their responsibilities and gave us hope for our future.

The 2018 Democrat of the Year Award was given to Pavel Stoev who undertook the task of creating a new website for the Schaumburg Area Democrats. It was a well-deserved honor since it is already one of the ten best in the Cook County system. Mike Cudzik gave a contribution to Julie Sass and the Northwest Suburban Women Democrats recognizing Julie Sass and their excellent program.  

November Is Not Enough

By Robert Franklin, Precinct Captain

Dear Fellow Democrats, Neighbors and Allies,

Donald Trump said that although his name is not on the ballot in November, this election is all about him.

Good! Let’s make it a referendum on Donald Trump. A President who has no ethics, who has no morals, who has no honor, and who has never done anything which did not benefit himself.

“The business of the government is the welfare of its people.”

Trump has fundamentally changed our country from one which welcomed immigrants, respected and preserved our environment, preserved women’s rights over their own bodies, rewarded honest and hard work, and, who believed in the words of President Theodore Roosevelt (and I quote) “the business of the government is the welfare of its people,” to I’ve got mine and I don’t care about you.

Trump has also changed the way our Senate and House operate, from compromise to confrontation. There is no longer a Republican Party - it is now the party of Donald Trump, and the Trumpite creed is “do not compromise”, “win at all costs”, and “crush the Democrats”. Pass new legislation written to benefit the one-percenters and the big corporations, and the hell with the rest of us. And, if you can’t overturn a law like the Affordable Care Act, weaken every provision, because healthcare should be a privilege and not a right.  Destroy a women’s right to choose by allowing states to close almost every clinic, restrict the right to vote by closing voting places or shortening hours in minority areas, removing people, always minorities, from the voting roles, and gerrymandering districts so that Democratic districts will be split up to ensure that Democrats will be underrepresented in state legislatures.

What does this all mean?  It means that your vote in November is not enough. I’m sure that everyone reading this will vote.  That is not enough. Get out and work for Democratic candidates, talk to your friends and neighbors and tell them how vital their vote is because if we lose, they will lose what they worked so hard for.

Kevin Morrison Secures Major Endorsement from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin today announced his endorsement for progressive Democratic candidate Kevin B. Morrison, who is running against Rauner-Trump ally, Illinois Republican Party Chair, 15th District Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider.

Senator Durbin has always stood on the right side of history, fighting for our women, working families, and children, and now he has become a leading voice against Trump’s disastrous administration, and their constant attacks on free speech and our Democracy.

“Kevin Morrison will be a fresh voice on the county board. Families in Cook County are looking for a change and Kevin is the breath of fresh air we need. Kevin will be an independent voice and a full-time commissioner who we can trust to advocate for working families, and I am proud to support him.”

- U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)

“Senator Durbin’s endorsement is especially meaningful to me because I have respected and admired his many years of service on behalf of the great state of Illinois. He has always stood on the right side of history, fighting for our women, working families, and children, and now he has become a leading voice against Trump’s disastrous administration, and their constant attacks on free speech and our Democracy. I look forward to serving on the Cook County Board with Senator Durbin’s support, as we continue to push Illinois in a better direction,” said Kevin B. Morrison.

Kevin B. Morrison will make history as the first openly LGBTQ person to serve on the Cook County Board. The Schneider-Trump-Rauner Republican Party machine has consistently voted against the interests of women, families, and children to side with special interests and the wealthy 1%. As an absentee Commissioner, Schneider has failed the constituents of the 15th District by missing over a quarter of his scheduled meetings and only sponsoring four ordinances while every other Commissioner serving a full term have sponsored at least twice as many. When the opportunity to protect families and women came up, Schneider cast a “no” vote against protecting our families’ public safety and funding the criminal justice system.

Visit Kevin Morrison’s campaign website and learn more.

Kevin Morrison  Candidate for Cook County Commissioner

Kevin Morrison
Candidate for Cook County Commissioner

Great Turnout at the Schaumburg Labor Day Parade!

Schaumburg Area Democrats Labor Day Parade had a GREAT turnout – about 150 people including: Elected officials: Raja Krishnamoorthi, Laura Murphy, Fred Crespo, Michelle Mussman, Kevin Morrison (running for Cook County Commissioner), Nafees Rahman (running for Schaumburg President), Streamwood Park Commissioner Raees Yawer, Committeeman Michael Cudzik and the JB Pritzker Staff. The Jesse White Tumblers were phenomenal.

After the parade, Mike Murray hosted a BBQ afterwards which the Pita House catered. The food was delicious and plentiful and when the last meal was served the skies opened up but not before we were all able to get home safely. So, it was a great parade even though it was HOT, HOT, HOT we didn’t get rained out.

We thank all who braved the elements to walk with us and we thank you especially for your enthusiastic support.

Congressman Mike Quigley Endorses Kevin B. Morrison for Cook County Commissioner

The momentum continues to grow to unseat the chair of the Illinois Republican Party 15th District Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider. Today, Congressman Mike Quigley joined the long list of supporters to endorse Kevin. B. Morrison’s candidacy. 

Congressman Quigley said, “Kevin will be a champion for working families and 15th district residents can trust that he’ll be on their side. The Schneider-Trump-Rauner Republican Party’s assault on our values demand we stand up and support advocates up and down the ballot. As a former County Commissioner, I’m proud to lend my name to Kevin’s efforts.”

Kevin B. Morrison will make history as the first openly LGBTQ person to serve on the Cook County board. He is running against the embattled chair of the Illinois Republican Party 15th District Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider. Schneider is an ally of President Trump and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, who has failed to serve the interests of the 15th district siding with Governor Bruce Rauner and the wealthy 1%.

“Congressman Quigley is a prime example of the type of champion our families need in elected office. He is consistently fighting against Trump and the GOP’s disastrous policies that hurt our middle-class, and always standing up for the LGBTQ community, so it is a great honor to receive his endorsement. I look forward to working with the Congressman to continue policies that help protect and uplift women and families in the 15th district and across Cook County. Our families deserve a full-time commissioner, who is committed and passionate about their well-being and future. I will not stop fighting for them,” said Kevin B. Morrison.

Secretary of State Jesse White Endorses Democratic Nominee Kevin B. Morrison


Leading Democrat and African American leader Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced that he is throwing his full support to Democratic nominee for Cook County Commissioner Kevin B. Morrison, who is running against the chair of the Illinois Republican Party 15th District Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to support a young man with such a strong vision for Cook County. I am excited to endorse Kevin Morrison, who I know will bring enthusiasm, knowledge and a commitment to public service to the 15th district,” stated Secretary of State Jesse White.

Kevin B. Morrison will make history as the first openly LGBTQ person to serve on the Cook County board. He is running against the embattled chair of the Illinois Republican Party 15th District Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider. Schneider is an ally of President Trump and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, who seek to destroy working families and the middle-class in favor of the 1%. His numerous conflicts of interests have put him at odds and out of touch with the 15th district.

"Secretary White has been a trailblazer in Illinois by always standing up for LGBTQ and women’s issues before they were popular. His commitment to public service and dedication to serving our middle-class communities by making government more efficient has been my inspiration as I seek the Cook County Commissioner seat,” said Kevin B. Morrison

Kevin B. Morrison Secures Key Endorsement of Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi


Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi today endorsed Democratic nominee for Cook County Commissioner of the 15th District Kevin B. Morrison, citing Kevin will be a tireless champion for the families in the district.

“Kevin will champion the priorities of working families and move our state forward. In part based on his own story, Kevin will bring an inclusive style to governing by listening to all voices to craft policy to make Cook County a better place to live. I stand with Kevin because he will fight to grow and strengthen the middle class,” said Congressman Krishnamoorthi. 

Kevin B. Morrison is running against Tim Schneider, chair of the Illinois Republican Party and Cook County Commissioner for the 15th District.

“I am honored to receive Congressman Krishnamoorthi’s endorsement. He has been a tireless advocate for working families in the 15th district of Cook County. I look forward to working with him to improve Cook County and fight for the middle class,” said Kevin B. Morrison.

About Kevin B. Morrison:

Kevin B. Morrison has dedicated his life to organizing communities for better representation and services, while also devoting many years to his family and their small business. With Cook County at a crossroads, he decided to run for Commissioner to ensure its residents have a strong voice representing the 15th District. Running against the Chair of Illinois' Republican Party, he looks forward to bringing inclusive and bold leadership to the district. Raised in Elk Grove Village, Kevin attended Link, Mead, and Conant High School. He went on to graduate from DePaul University, studying Political Science, Environmental Science, and LGQ Studies. When elected, Kevin would become the first openly LGBT and youngest Commissioner to the Cook County Board.


Morrison has also been endorsed by Run for Something, Citizen Action Illinois, Personal PAC, Chicago NOW PAC, Northside DFA, Northwest Suburban Teachers Union Local 1211, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), SEIU Illinois State Council, AFSCME Illinois Council 31, Chicago Laborers’ District Council (LiUNA), Elgin Association of Firefighters IAFF Local 439, IBEW Local 134, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 and Local 399 (IUOE), Teamsters Joint Council, Teamsters Local 700 and Local 727, Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, Cement Masons and Plasterers Local 502, Mechanics Local 701, Transport Workers Union Local 512 (TWU), Equality Illinois PAC, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Central Committeeman Mike Cudzik, Committeemen Ted Mason, Mark Walker, Steve Caramelli, State Representatives Rob Martwick, Marty Moylan, and Greg Harris, State Senators Cristina Castro, Laura Murphy, Omar Aquino, and John G Mulroe, Cook County Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough, MWRD Commissioner Debra Shore, Elgin Township Supervisor Franklin Ramirez, and the Elk Grove Township Democrats.

Throwback Thursday: Rauner Disses Bloomington-Normal, Gets Caught, Blames Others for “Spinning” His Words

ll week, Governor Bruce Rauner has dealt with the fallout over his dis of the Champaign-Urbana workforce – he was called out by local officials and forced to apologize, but quickly tried to deflect blame by claiming his words were “taken out of context.” A similar scene played out just over a month ago when Rauner was caught badmouthing another central Illinois town as undesirable for job creators and tried to blame his opponents and the media for “spinning” his words.

For months, Rauner told the story about how no one wanted to move into a Bloomington-Normal automotive plant as a metaphor for the state’s economy. Rauner’s story made no sense considering he had attended a ribbon cutting at the same plant a year previously. Confronted with his lie, Rauner tried to blame his “political opponents” for “spinning up a bunch of kind of false spin in the media and the blogs and with a reporter in Springfield.”

“History seems to be repeating itself with Bruce Rauner – first you dis a local town and then you try and blame someone else,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “As evidenced by his three-year budget crisis, Rauner’s always been more focused on playing political games than working for the betterment of Illinois families.”