November Is Not Enough

By Robert Franklin, Precinct Captain

Dear Fellow Democrats, Neighbors and Allies,

Donald Trump said that although his name is not on the ballot in November, this election is all about him.

Good! Let’s make it a referendum on Donald Trump. A President who has no ethics, who has no morals, who has no honor, and who has never done anything which did not benefit himself.

“The business of the government is the welfare of its people.”

Trump has fundamentally changed our country from one which welcomed immigrants, respected and preserved our environment, preserved women’s rights over their own bodies, rewarded honest and hard work, and, who believed in the words of President Theodore Roosevelt (and I quote) “the business of the government is the welfare of its people,” to I’ve got mine and I don’t care about you.

Trump has also changed the way our Senate and House operate, from compromise to confrontation. There is no longer a Republican Party - it is now the party of Donald Trump, and the Trumpite creed is “do not compromise”, “win at all costs”, and “crush the Democrats”. Pass new legislation written to benefit the one-percenters and the big corporations, and the hell with the rest of us. And, if you can’t overturn a law like the Affordable Care Act, weaken every provision, because healthcare should be a privilege and not a right.  Destroy a women’s right to choose by allowing states to close almost every clinic, restrict the right to vote by closing voting places or shortening hours in minority areas, removing people, always minorities, from the voting roles, and gerrymandering districts so that Democratic districts will be split up to ensure that Democrats will be underrepresented in state legislatures.

What does this all mean?  It means that your vote in November is not enough. I’m sure that everyone reading this will vote.  That is not enough. Get out and work for Democratic candidates, talk to your friends and neighbors and tell them how vital their vote is because if we lose, they will lose what they worked so hard for.