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Trump Raids

In a continuation of his anti-immigrant agenda, Trump is holding families hostage over his threat to raid people’s homes and deport immigrants in mass.

Democrats and Republicans can agree that our current immigration system is broken. What we need is bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform. All we’ve seen from the Republican Party are proposals to detain children for even longer and limit asylum for those fleeing violence and persecution.

Governor Pritzker Signs Three Immigrant Protection Bills With Immediate Effect

  • House Bill 2040: Private Detention Facility Moratorium Act. HB 2040 bans immigrant detention centers in the state of Illinois.

  • House Bill 1637: Keep Illinois Families Together Act. HB 1637 prohibits local law enforcement agencies from engaging in federal immigration enforcement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  • House Bill 2691: Retention of Illinois Students and Equity (RISE) Act. HB 2691 allows undocumented and transgender students to received MAP grants and institutional aid at public institutions.


Trump approved a strike against Iran yesterday, but pulled back at the last minute, even as the military was poised to launch with planes and ships already in position. If true, Trump ordered a strike without asking about potential casualties until 10 minutes before launch. The administration's strategy of provocation and escalation with Iran has brought us to the brink of crisis, despite the fact that we had a nuclear deal that even members of the Trump administration confirmed was working.

Trump Doubles Down on Failed Border Strategy

Trump’s latest talking point is that he “brought families together” while other presidents separated them at the border. We all saw Trump separating families at the border and heard the cries of children locked in cages.

Under the Obama administration, families were separated only in particular and limited circumstances that went beyond a typical case of illegal entry, for example if a parent was carrying illegal drugs.

House Hearings In Mueller Investigation

Yesterday, House Democrats heard testimony from one of Trump’s closest former aides, Hope Hicks, where she refused to answer questions about Trump’s White House. In line with its continued obstruction, the administration blocked her testimony about her time in the White House and claimed that she is “immune” from questions.

New Campaign, Same Broken Promises

Trump will spend the next year lying about the promises he’s kept, the deals he’s made, and telling America that he’s made it great again. For the ultra-wealthy, big corporations and D.C. lobbyists, there’s no question Trump has made America great - they’ve made out like bandits while the rest of us are still running in place.

Trump Invites Election Interference 

It is the president of the United States’ duty to protect our democracy. Instead, Trump sat in the Oval Office and said he'd be willing to conspire with a foreign government to win reelection.

Trump’s Bogus Deal With Mexico

After recklessly threatening to impose tariffs on Mexico, Trump is now falsely claiming credit for a deal with Mexico that likely won’t solve anything at all. Despite claiming credit for reaching an historic agreement, Trump's own administration confirmed his “new” deal with Mexico largely consists of provisions that were already agreed to months ago.

Democratic Party Agenda

Trump attacks Democrats for not getting any work done in Congress. The reality is that Democrats have actually done a lot, but Trump has opposed their legislation and it has stalled in McConnell’s legislative graveyard, despite broad support from voters.


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