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Recession Warnings

Nobody wants a recession. While the number of warnings grows, Americans face increased uncertainty as a result of Trump not having a clear strategy or plan.

Hong Kong Protests

The use of force against the Hong Kong protestors is alarming. Democrats stand united with the people of Hong Kong in demanding their right to a free and democratic future.

Trump’s Failure To Address Gun Violence

Trump may try to act like he is taking gun violence prevention seriously now, but we’ve heard this before. Trump has only shown that he stands in lockstep with the NRA.

Real Wages Decline In July

Trump promised he’d raise workers’ wages, but he hasn’t. Instead, wages have remained stagnant throughout his presidency, and real wages actually declined last month.

Trump’s Attacks On Documented Immigrants

Background: The Trump administration issued a new rule to punish immigrants who use public benefits or might use them in the future and favor wealthier immigrants in issuing green cards.

  • Donald Trump continues to use his power to divide us. This time, he’s targeting documented immigrants who are paying taxes and playing by the rules

Trump Raids

Background: Last week, the Trump administration conducted the largest workplace immigration raid in more than a decade, arresting more than 600 suspected undocumented immigrants in Mississippi.

  • Last week’s Trump administration raids -- which took place in the first week of school -- left many children alone with nowhere to go. That’s cruel and unconscionable.




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