The Schaumburg Area Democratic Organization is dedicated to fostering democratic ideas and electing Democratic candidates for local, regional, state, and national offices.

2017 Fourth of July Parade

2017 Fourth of July Parade


  • Promote a political awareness within the community
  • Ensure that the right of every citizen to vote is afforded them
  • Unite people with a common interest in bettering the Schaumburg Township area by becoming an involved member in the Democratic process
  • Enrich the lives of those who reside in the community by affecting change and becoming informed so we may inform others
  • Ensure the freedoms our forefathers fought to institute
  • Work to elect like-minded candidates


  • Raise wages, close the wealth gap, strengthen Social Security
  • Lower health care costs, stabilize Medicare and Medicaid
  • Defend our borders, our ideals and our institutions
  • Sensible immigration reform that keeps America’s promise
  • Support our veterans and military
  • Fix our criminal justice system to eliminate systemic racism
  • Guarantee rights for minorities, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community and all Americans
  • Advance women’s rights, protect access to reproductive care, fight for equal pay, stop violence against women, elect more women to public office
  • Protect and promote every American’s fundamental right to vote
  • Advance clean energy and climate change action
  • Common sense gun reform
  • Smarter infrastructure investment
  • Advance access to liberty and equality for all
  • Invest in modern education and jobs programs that prepare our kids for tomorrow’s challenges.